Who We Are

The Zing International Consulting Group, commonly referred to as ZingICG, is a joint  American and Chinese global project management consulting firm. It’s headquarters is located in Wuhan, China with additional branches in the United States and Spain.

What We Do

ZingICG provides a broad array of business, project management and operations, production, market research, trading, information technology, and education services to help clients solve business problems and make a stronger future.

About Us

ZingICG is led by a team who shares the same vision of helping clients achieve success in a global business environment. Our team has abundant work experience in diverse cultural and language settings, providing innovative and critical approaches to advance client interests via business management and operational consulting.

Our Guiding Principles: “SMART”

  • Specific

  • Measureable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-Based